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Electricity Cost Reduction

Solar power is one of the most effective way a business can reduce their energy consumption by using the solar power generated to offset your daytime energy usage, while also protecting you from rising electricity prices.


High Return on Investment

We tailor a solar power solution specifically for your business' needs and budget. Every solar project is treated uniquely and designed to pay themselves back for our clients in as little as 3 years (approximately 30% R.O.I).


Generous Government Rebates

Currently, the government offers generous rebates for businesses who install solar power. This rebate helps cut the up-front capital for the installation by as much as 40% on systems under 100kW.


Tax Benefits

Solar has great tax benefits for small businesses. Solar power systems fall under the simply depreciation rule with a 15% deductable in the first year then 30% the following years.


Social Advantage

In a recent study by Green Brand Survey they found that 81% of Australians "say it is very or somewhat important that companies are environmentally friendly and would prefer to buy from them than others". Promoting solar can increase your potential clients.


Environmental Edge

By installing a solar system, the energy generated has a direct correlation to your business' carbon footprint. A 50kW system generates enough energy to reduce the emissions of 90 tonnes of carbon annually, that's equivalent to taking 32 medium sized cars off the road.



OFM DIRECT - 90kW Solar Project

OFM Direct are one of the largest suppliers of kitchen and office cabinetry in the Canberra and Queanbeyan region turned to solar power to reduce their electricity costs.

A recent electricity bill showed installing solar reduced their bill from over $22,000 per quarter down to $7,000. Even though their work load was higher compared to the same time last year.



Queanbeyan, NSW


360 x Munsterland Solar 250W modules


4 x ABB Trio 27.6kW inverters

Energy Generated:

150.8MWh (megawatt-hours) each year

Emissions Reduced:

161.4 tonnes of emissions annually

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UPA OF NSW - 95kW Solar Project

UPA of NSW provides care for our aging population. With multiple locations, the Sydney West District branch decided to install solar power to reduce their electricity costs.

By installing a 95kW solar power system, they will significantly reduce their daytime electricity usage to offset their heating and cooling costs.



Pendle Hill, NSW


380 x Trina Solar 250W modules


5 x Delta RPI 20kW inverters

Energy Generated:

155.6MWh (megawatt-hours) each year

Emissions Reduced:

166.8 tonnes of emissions annually

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ENGADINE MUSIC - 20kW Solar Project

Engadine Music Centre is a one stop music shop that provides music equipment and tuition.

A 20kW solar power system was designed to dramatically reduce their electricity bill by approximately 75% while also paying itself off in as little as 3 years.



Engadine, NSW


80 x Trina Solar 250W modules


1 x ABB Trio 20kW inverter

Energy Generated:

33.5MWh (megawatt-hours) each year

Emissions Reduced:

35.9 tonnes of emissions annually

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There is no substitute for Quality!


We are committed to design and quality excellence. We have selected components of the highest quality from the world's leading solar manufacturers to deliver outstanding reliability with optimum performance and efficiency.

Trina Solar Panel

Trina 'Honey series' Solar Panels

Trina Solar, the world's largest supplier of solar panels in 2014. Their industry-leading Honey series multicrystalline solar panel delivers the highest efficiencies on the market and at excellent value for money. They are backed by their 10 year product warranty with an industry leading 25 year linear performance warranty from their Australian office.

Trina's 250W and 260W solar panels have excellent temperature co-efficiencies meaning more power generated when it's hot with positive power tolerances bringing the 'Honey series' solar panels to the front of the pack.

For more information about Trina Solar, go to

Jinko Solar Panel

Jinko 'Eagle series' Solar Panels

Jinko Solar, one of the Top 3 solar panel manufacturers globally. The 'Eagle series' multicrystalline solar panel is the world's first PID free panel, rated for 85 degrees celsius and 85% humidity. They are backed by their 10 year product warranty with an industry leading 25 year linear performance warranty from their Australian office.

Jinko's 260W solar panels have excellent temperature co-efficiencies meaning more power generated when it's hot with positive power tolerances. They are salt mist tested and rated for wind loads up to 2400 pascals, perfect for our harsh Australian environment.

For more information about Jinko Solar, go to

ABB Solar Inverter

ABB Trio Inverters

ABB, formerly Power-One (Aurora) is one of the world's leaders in solar power conversion technology. All of the Trio solar inverter range comes with an industry leading 10 year product warranty from their Australian office.

In addition, they have increased the availability of their solar inverter product range featuring industry-leading features and performance, while offering easier installation, excellent customer service with unmatched applications flexibility and field-proven reliability.

For more information about ABB Solar, go to

SMA Solar Inverter

SMA Tri-power Inverters

SMA, is the world's leader in solar inverters.

Their product range covers solar inverters for roof systems, major solar projects and off-grid systems to provide a technically optimized inverter solution for all sized systems.

For more information about SMA, go to

Clenergy Railing

Clenergy Mounting Equipment

Clenergy manufactures premium quality solar panel mounting equipment for all commercial applications. Designed to endure our harsh Australia environment and backed by a 10 year product warranty.

All components are engineered and certified to ensure roof integrity whether mounted on flat or pitched colorboand and kliplok roofs or pitched tile roofs.

For more information about Clenergy, go to



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